Friday, June 29, 2012

White Sulphur Hot Springs

We had a great trip from Klag Bay to White Sulphur Hot Springs. We left late in the day to time the tides, and spent the day in the cockpit despite the persistent rains. Highlights were the sea otters in Ogden Passage and many humpback whales outside of Fleming Channel.

This trip into the West Arm of Mirror Harbor was our tightest passage yet. Rocks were everywhere. We moved at a snail's pace, in neutral gear, just engaging forward every now and again to maintain steerage. the *'s on our chartplotter below indicate rocks - the ones that are charted. 
The red line is our boat's track. The *'s are the rocks.
Our efforts were well rewarded. We arrived late in the day, so decided to delay our visit to the springs until the next day. We packed our lunch and made our way down the short, 15 minute trail to the Forest Services site. We were expecting a cabin that is rented out by the USFS, but we had heard that it was often empty, because the site is so remote.

In fact, we arrived to find 5 people there! These were contractors for the USFS, who were there to build a new cabin, and would be staying for a month. They had just arrived the day before, and we had noticed their float plane overhead several times during the day. They took three loads to get all their gear to the site, and the building materials were arriving separately!

After a nice chat with the crew, John and I enjoyed the tub and our packed lunch.

Since today was the first day on site, the crew were having a slow day - getting set up and having a rest - they had come straight from another remote building project! We enjoyed chatting with them. And as soon as we left on our way, John pointed out the pistols that each of them were wearing and the shotgun that stood by the door. Well. This is the USA, after all. the end, we were grateful for those guns...


Dane said...

I'd bet the diving around all those rocks is magnificent. Masochistic, but splendid. That looks like an epic hot spring, however, and the two, I suppose, would make a good pair with the proper equipment... Ahhh...

Naomi said...

Dane - this was definitely one of the highlights of the travels in Alaska. Of course, we never head to a hot springs without the proper 'equipment'! We're sailors, after all!

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