Saturday, June 30, 2012


Arrived in a very quiet Pelican. Is this typical? Or is everyone a
fisherman, and heading out for the commercial king salmon opening tonight at
midnight? Or maybe everyone has left for the holiday weekend?
The Pelican boardwalk

Whatever it, this boardwalk town is pretty quiet. We paid our $16 in moorage
through a slot in the harbourmaster's door. The café opened just for us, so
we could browse their gift shop, but they had closed early for the day. The
grocery store looks like it hasn't been open in many months. The library,
however, was open, and I took advantage of their wifi and got caught up on
some blogging.
Rose's Bar and Grill is apparently famous, although we hadn't heard of it.
Rose has been in business 39 years and was featured as a 'Bar of the Month'
in Maxim magazine. We stopped in for a beer and burger in front of the wood
stove, but it was pretty quiet - just four locals playing dice. The burgers
were expensive and only mediocre, and we didn't drink enough beer to get up
on the bar and add our names to the hundreds of others on the ceiling. Maybe
next time...



Mark said...

Vicki and I kayaked this coastline in 1982. Whoa! That's 30 years ago! I well remember signing the ceiling at Rose's, and had one of their T-shirts for many years.

Naomi said...

We didn't see your names on the ceiling...we should have looked harder!!

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