Monday, March 15, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 13

[Mar 14]

Total Distance: 1078
24 hr Distance: 85
Distance to go: 732
Lat/Long: 8°00.00'N / 98°01.23'W

A pretty crazy day. The wind picked up, and we found ourselves navigating between a series of storm cells all day. For the most part they were pretty benign, and gave us the opportunity to collect delicious water for our tanks. But we did find that our track was an unefficient series of zigs and zags as we accomodated the shifting winds. In fact at one point, we did a complete circle, as even our autopilot was confused!!

The evening was similar - a large squall with frequent bursts of lighting in our path forced us to tuck tail and run the other way - after all, our mast is a big lightning rod. We spent a few hours running away from the lighting, back the way we had come. When we finally felt safe to resume our course, we were only 5 miles from our noon position!

Our mainsail furling system broke today. Not too major, and we knew it was coming, it has been looking very tired in recent weeks. We had already asked Dom to bring us some needed parts when he meets us in the Galapagos. In the meantime, John was able to tap out the mast, and re-attach the winch...we have furling again.


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