Monday, March 15, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 14

[Mar 15]

Total Distance: 1153
24 hr Distance: 75
24 hr DMG: 31!!
Distance to go: 702
Lat/Long: 7°35.24'N / 97°43.80'W

As mentioned in yesterday's post...we did a lot of zigging and zagging you see how our total distance travelled - 75 miles - is way different than the actual progress that we made towards our goal - 31 miles. Oh well...such is sailing!!

Today was a phenomenal day. It must have been due to all the good wind wishes we've received from all our friends (and a wind dance from Adios!). We've had great winds all day, from first light until now. I hope it continues through the night. Lots of rain squalls this morning. We were both so tired from last night, that we didn't bother trying to collect the water, instead I spent most of the afternoon napping. The good news is that we caught a beautiful Skipjack Tuna today. We had the most delicious sushi for dinner!


Mark said...

Yummy, tuna sushi. Hope the winds keep up (but not so much that you have to run from the storms). Enjoying the posts.

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