Friday, March 19, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 17

[Mar 18]

Total Distance: 1454 nm
24 hr Distance: 118 nm (DMG: 103)
Distance to go: 438 nm
Lat/Long: 4°27.85'N / 94°36.26'W
Engine hours: 6

An uneventful sailing day. The wind came and went. When we had wind, it was from the South East...where we hoped to go, so we are once again sailing away from our intended course line. The night was finally uneventful. Our first night without rain squalls and lightning in five days. But that also meant that we had light winds, and were adrift for several hours. You just can't have it all out here!

We finished our potatoes today (hash browns), and still have a few onions, limes, garlic, head of cabbage, apples and chayote. Other than that we're into canned goods. No shortage of food, as we have provisioned for a couple months. We experimented with a can of hot dogs. John bought these to invoke memories of his childhood boating days, which always involved yummy cheese dogs, and to this day, he loves hot dogs on the boat. BUT...these were not up to the task. At least he only bought one can!!

Food storage was a bit of an experiment. Tomatoes lasted really well wrapped in newspaper. I wish I had bought more of them. Carrots didn't last at all...very surprising! Everything else lasted as expected, and or the most part, we used it up before it went bad. Of course, BIMBO bread (think
wonderbread) lasted forever, but we only had one loaf, so we're now baking


Anonymous said...

Hi - Have been told by CRYC sailors that carrots will keep for weeks wrapped in tin foil. Wonder how that trick would work in the tropics?

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