Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 18

[Mar 19]

Total Distance: 1523 nm
24 hr Distance: 69 nm (DMG: 35)
Distance to go: 406 nm
Lat/Long: 3°56.06'N / 94°22.51'W

Another day of head winds, so e've zigged and zagged, while making very little headway. Although, there is enough wind to be sailing for most of the day, which is great, even if it isn't in our preferred direction. It's quite a mind trip to be finally so close, yet not be able to make headway to the finish line.

So for now, we take pleasure in the simple things...a piece of chocolate after dinner, cold orange pop in the heat of the afternoon, dolphins playing in the bow wake, refreshing evening showers in the cockpit, and lots of great books.


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