Monday, March 22, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 20

[Mar 21]

Total Distance: 1713 nm
24 hr Distance: 99 nm (DMG: 89)
Distance to go: 322
Lat/Long: 3°43.18'N / 92°15.27'W

We've become accustomed to squalls with violent rain, but that are short in duration. Today we had crazy rain all day - and no wind. And...we lost a fish.

We have 300 miles to go. But only enough fuel for about 180 miles. So we drift and hope for wind. We're now using the motor as a sanity saver. Just as we get to the point where we can't stand to be bobbing around for another minute, we turn on the motor, and run for a couple hours. It provides some comfort to see us moving in the right direction. Although, it looks like our friend, Dom, may reach the Islands before we do!

At least I get a chance to redeem my very poor yahtzee results. Perhaps with more time, I can even up the score.

PS...if you didn't read yesterday's post, you should know that we are running low on minutes for our satellite phone, so please do not panic if you don't see a blog post from us for a couple of days.


Christie said...

Hi Naomi and John,

We don't know each other but we have a lot in common.

My husband, Matt, and I are in full preparations for throwing off the bowlines in pursuit of our own dream of cruising about the world within the next year.

It's encouraging to see other young, successful cruisers out there living this dream. We admire your drive, tenacity, and resourcefulness along this journey and are learning from your experiences. Thank you for sharing them here.

Would you mind if we listed your site as "other cruisers we follow" on our site?

Fair winds,
Christie and Matt Butcher of s/v Kaleo

Naomi said...

hi Christie,

Great to 'meet' you!! Absolutely, feel free to link to the blog - we're flattered!! We'll check out your blog...and hope you meet you at some point in your journey!

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