Friday, March 26, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 24 - Land Ho

[Mar 25]

Total Distance: 2009 nm
24 hr Distance: 79 nm (DMG: 51)
Distance to go: 87 nm
Lat/Long: 0°22.83'N / 90°02.20'W

When I awoke for my morning watch, we could see land in the distance!! Hurray!! The crazy part is that we lied alongside this small island ALL DAY!!

I forgot to take our noon position today. But it didn't really matter. When I finally took it at about 6pm, I figure I was only a mile or so out from 6 hours previously!! We spent the whole day abeam to Isla Genovesa, a small island in the Archipelago. We didn't see another boat all day. We had glassy, smooth seas, and by mid-morning, we brought down the sails and drifted for the day. Once again, we are so close...yet unable to reach our destination.

We had motored through most of the night - but the opposing currents and swell were working against us, and we didn't make as many miles as we hoped. In any case, we still need to do some more sailing before we can "put the hammer down" (thanks, Mark) to the finish line!!

If you know John, you can well imagine that he goes a bit cuckoo, when confined to a small space, going nowhere, with nothing to do. So today we came up with more projects to do while adrift. And the best thing we've done so far, is to crank up the computer and watch a bit of TV!! With our solar panels pumping out the amps, we took shelter from the sun in the cabin and watched the first two episodes of a BBC documentary on the South Pacific. It was fabulous, with incredible cinematography. If you're able to track it down, we highly recommend it.

At 8pm, the wind stirred, and we were able to fly the spinnaker, which finally pushed us away from the island, even if only at 2 knots. Needless to say, we didn't cross the equator today...maybe tomorrow. Sigh.


Kazzy said...

So close to both crossing the equator.. and your destination!!!! This is awesome... thanks for consistently posting during this part of your journey, I look forward to hearing about each leg of the journey - it brings us along with you...

Once again, hoping you get a good, strong wind at your back to help for when you put the hammer down... can't wait to hear about your tales from paradise...

Donna said...

We are reading your blog and thinking this is what people dream of and you two are living it. We are all very proud and happy you've had a safe voyage. Nicola's grade 2 classroom has been in the know of Uncle John and Auntie Naomi and the Galapagos Islands Adventure. Well, everyone we know are being updated on this adventure of a lifetime. We are so excited to hear every next tale. Love Donna, Mark, Nolan & Nicola

Naomi said...

Kaz and Donna,

So glad you guys are enjoying following along. Having friends tune in and send comments/emails keeps the days interesting for us on these long passages - so we thank you!!

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