Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 22 - Sailing Again!

[Mar 23]

Total Distance: 1832 nm
24 hr Distance: 68 nm (DMG: 68)
Distance to go: 229 nm
Lat/Long: 2°25.39'N / 91°08.83'W

We motored this morning in a flat calm for a few hours. But by early afternoon, the wind picked up, and we started sailing at 1.5 knots, until the wind filled in and gave us a fabulous ride at 6.5-7 knots!! We were too happy to be making good time, to worry about reefing the sails!! The breeze stabilized, and we had great 5.5 knot sailing for most of the afternoon, and all through the night. We haven't had such great sailing since our first day on this passage, as we left Banderas Bay!!

At one point in the night, we found ourselves in the midst of a nasty squall and we were pleased that we were able to use the radar to find the quickest route out of the lightning. Even our old radar will tell us where the rain is falling, and give us a sense of how far away it is, and how deep the system is. guesstimate of our ETA was tomorrow...the 24th. And we're obviously not going to be there. Looks like Dom will arrive before us after all!!

We hear that there are a few folks in La Cruz following the blog. For those of you embarking on the puddle jump (or the Hawaii-jump), here's a few things we wish we had more of:
- we found fabulous shredded beef/pork (can't recall, and have tossed the package), at the MEGA in the canned meat/fish aisle. It comes in vaccuum sealed packages and is really very tasty. We wish we had bought more of it.
- POP...neither of us normally drink a lot of pop. But in this heat, we're loving having some cold pop in the ice box.
- VEG - wish we had brought more veggies with us. We're out of all our fresh veggies. Even onion or potatoes would be a welcome addition.
- EGGS - we ran out after only two weeks. And eggs will keep a long time, if you keep turning the cartons. We eat eggs almost every morning, but we really enjoyed having a stash of hard boiled eggs handy for night watches/snacks/etc.
- CANNED FRUIT (peaches) - we never eat these at home...but they are awesome quick food for breakfast (note lack of eggs!), and if you store a can in the ice box...they are refreshing too!
- FANS - we have two on board. Thank goodness. If one of them died, we might have a crew mutiny. One of ours is a power pig...but it doesn't really matter. During the heat of the day, when you need it most, there is tons of solar power being generated.


sheryl said...

naomi...I just came across the link to your blog as I was clearing out my old hotmail account. I never use it anymore and only use gmail. I'm at home on sick leave (4 out of 6 weeks after a fibroid removal) and thought this would be a time to sort through old emails. And I was so happy to come across this link. I can't wait to go back and read your blog from start to the current entry...who needs novels - this is WAY better.
I can't believe that I've started reading this while you are on the big's unbelievable. What an amazing experience. I'll be an avid follower. Thinking of you.

Naomi said...

SHERYL!!! Hey girl - great to hear from you. Glad you found the blog...definitely send me a note, so that I have your gmail address. Love Naomi.

Rod said...

Hi John & Naomi;
Saw Tim a couple of days ago (back from 'The Far East'); he gave me your blog address. Looks like you're having a great time; we enjoy reading your blogs ... too bad about losing that BIG fish.
Rod & Lisa

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