Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mexico to Galapagos - Day 23

[Mar 24]

Total Distance: 1930 nm
24 hr Distance: 98 nm (DMG: 93)
Distance to go: 131 nm
Lat/Long: 1°12.89'N / 90°12.27'W

We covered a lot of miles in the last 24, but it was mostly with the motor. We're getting closer, but the wind is not cooperating. Looks like we're in light, variable winds for a few more days yet.

Today we passed one degree of latitude, only 60 miles from the equator. So, sometime this week (!) we will be transformed into the realm of SHELLBACKS - or mariners that have crossed the equator. I expect that we'll skip the tradition of getting a tatoo...but you never know!! We're planning our crossing party, and what celebratory offerings will be made to Neptune.


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