Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 19 - Getting Closer

[April 27]

Lat/Long: 09°13.41'S / 130°58.48'W
24hr distance: 125 nm
Distance to go: 473 nm

We're ready. Ready for the rolling to stop. Ready to walk on land. Ready to eat fresh veggies. Ready to have someone else cook for us. Ready to have clean bedding. Ready for new reading material. Ready to sell the boat.

[labels: passage making]


Mark & Jamie said...

Does that mean you are coming home to help Jamie and with the baby?

Mark / Donna Stuart said...

Hold on a minute you guys, try not to get down out there, there is a task to do and that is to get there safely. It sounds like a rough go out on the open water, with big swells and risk. Think about the good times you've had till now, and think of the rest of us day to day Johnny-Punch-Clocks doing the ordinary and thinking of you two ALL THE TIME pulling off the extraordinary. Focus and make the most of the challenge ahead. Go Go gO

Love Cuz

Jo said...

Not far now! Hang in there.

And here's my 'grass is always greener' message...I did have fresh milk on my cereal this morning. Then I got myself to work and started reading emails. Answering them involved a bunch of paperwork - pulling files, reviewing wordy contract documents, carefully crafting polite yet firm responses (not my specialty - the polite pare that is). Now I'm moving onto reviewing a lengthy report including highly detailed statiscally analysis. While someone else will be making my lunch because I was too tired (read: lazy) to make my own this morning, I have meetings to look forward to this afternoon. Tomorrow will be pretty much the same.

We're all rollin our way through the day but you'll have much better stories to tell afterwards. And then there's where you'll soon be landing...awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade with you!!!...you can be up 5 times a night with Griffin!...feeling nausious due to lack of sleep and cooking basic foods because that's all you have energy for...all the while wondering if when he turns 13 and is eating us out of house and home if we will stop buying good cheese because it only lasts an hour!...and did I mention all this while JOhn can go take Dom's place in Sidney, NS and eat military cuisine...yummy!

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