Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 23 - Land Ho

[May 1]

Noon Position:
Lat/Long: 09°51'S / 138°40'W
24 hr distance: 120nm
Distance to Go:

We currently have cocktails chilling in the fridge and expect that we'll be dropping the hook around dinner time. We have the motor giving us a little push, to be sure we're in before dark. Thank goodness (not quite John's exact words, but you get the idea).

Today is a good day. For the first time in 23 days, we can see land!! Hiva Oa showed itself on the horizon mid-morning, and shortly after we spotted a sailboat in the distance. It is the only other boat we've seen this whole passage. Shocking. Not even a freighter or container ship. If it wasn't for the evening 'net' (check in for puddle jumping boats via radio), we would feel pretty alone out here!

Lots to do tomorrow. We plan to stretch our legs, check into the country and complete necessary officialdom, do some laundry and EAT fresh food!! If we find internet ashore, we'll check in and let you know how wobbly we are! Over the next week, we have a few boat projects (of course, something is always breaking around here), and I'd like to catch up on uploading photos, and a few delayed blog posts. So please stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone for keeping tabs on us, reading the blog and for sending us encouraging emails along the way. We really looked forward to hearing from you and your emails brightened our otherwise monotonous days!

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