Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 21 - Fishing is not the same as Catching

[April 29]

Lat/Long: 09°35.15'S / 134°38.07'W
24hr distance: 112nm
Distance to go: 260 nm

We sailed under spinnaker for most of yesterday, turning the motor on when the wind died in the evening. Once again we flew the 'chute' (spinnaker) this morning, but we're now running under the large genoa, poled out to port side, and our stays'l on the starboard. We're happy to be making around 5 knots.

We're looking forward to landfall...only a couple more days now, Wohoo.

We continue to fish...but we don't seem to be having much luck in the catching department this week. We brought in a big flying fish yesterday, but neither of us could fathom eating that which has been stinking up our decks for the last couple of weeks. No thanks. So...we're obviously not going hungry out here! :O)

Thanks for all your comments and emails in the last couple of days. I suppose we must have been sounding pretty down and out. In all reality, we're doing fine out here...couldn't really ask for better conditions (even if it can be uncomfortable), and we're making excellent time. I suppose we've got enough time on our hands to be a little overly dramatic!!

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