Friday, April 30, 2010

Pacific Crossing - Day 22 - Counting Down

[April 30]

Lat/Long: 09°39.46'S / 136°40.15'W
25 hr distance: 121 nm
Distance to go: 140 nm

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! With only 140 miles to go, we expect to arrive at Atuona tomorrow afternoon. We can't wait, and we're already anticipating sleeping without rolling out of our bunks, a long shower, and enjoying our celebratory meal ashore. With ice cream. And beer. Hmmmm...

The wind continues to come from the East (not the South East as we have seen for our entire passage until the last few days), and we are still running under two headsails, or the spinnaker, depending on its strength. Not as fast as the first couple of weeks of our passage, but we're still managing almost 5 knots most of the time, which is fine by us.

[labels: landfall, passage making]


Anonymous said...

Hi, the fresh Baguettes and cheese will make it all worth while. We anchored there in 1996 about the same time as you are going to arrive. It rains a lot, the mosquitoes bite hard, and yet it is still worth doing. Enjoy! Ankle Deep

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